CDM Creates Statewide Caucus System & Appoints Leadership

CDM Creates Statewide Caucus System & Appoints Leadership

CDM Creates Statewide Caucus System & Appoints Leadership

The College Democrats of Massachusetts has launched it's caucus system, that aims to enable chapters to unite with progressive student organizations on campus. Leaders have be appointed to Black, Enivironmental, LGBT and Women's caucuces.

This year, one of the most significant changes made by the College Democrats of America has been the launching of the new Caucus system. At it’s heart, the Democratic Party is a diverse coalition representing various walks of life. In an effort to better represent that, the Caucuses have already begun changing the conversation by adding fresh perspectives to the discussion of current events. Fresh perspectives require creative minds, and our new caucus leaders are some of the most diverse and active members of their communities.

Dominique Mortimer, Mt. Holyoke College ’15
Chair, Black Caucus

As Chair of the Black Caucus, Dominique Mortimer is a rising Senior at Mount Holyoke College who has long committed herself to increasing political literacy among African Americans. She has already worked as a congressional intern in DC as a Posse Foundation Scholar and remains an active leader in her community, working as a dedicated member of a number of CAUSE organizations and her local chapter of College Democrats. A Miami native, Dominique enjoys doing community service and reading in her spare time.

Kenneth Aboagye-Adinkra, Amherst College ’16 | @K3nnydoit
Vice-Chair, Black Caucus

Kenneth Aboagye-Adinkra, a rising Junior at Amherst College, will be coming on as Vice Chair. He is majoring in Political Science, with plans to eventually pursue a law degree in the future. Like Dominique, Kenneth has a passion for increasing minority political involvement and he hopes to develop a deep understanding of the role of race in politics. When he isn’t traveling, dancing, or football, he is also an active member of his community, working as an active member of the Black Student Union, Highland Coalition, as well as Building Bridges Through Music. Kenneth’s commitment to his community has been with him literally since birth, as his mother couldn’t make it to the hospital in time and he was born outside of his house in Lynn, Massachusetts. Between Kenneth and Dominique, the Black Caucus is sure to be lead a deeply introspective conversation about how to truly engage and activate a community that is still finding its voice in American Politics.

Environmental Caucus Leadership

Austin Williams, Northeastern University ’16 | @awi11iams_neu
Chair, Environmental Caucus

Austin Williams, a third year student at Northeastern University, will be the new Chair of the Environmental Caucus. Austin is just as forward thinking as his hairstyle would suggest, and is an emerging populist voice seeking to restore a public policy that works in the best interest of all citizens. One of his main desires is to close the gap between Climate Science and Climate Policy, and he has already had significant impact in his community. Working with a group of student activists (and his local College Democrats chapter!) Austin helped lead the Northeastern Divestment Movement to victory as it’s Co-Director. Austin was even arrested in DC recently while protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, which means he’s already on his way to being a major climate activist.


Harold Eyster, Harvard University ’16
Vice-Chair, Environmental Caucus

The Vice Chair of the Environmental Caucus will be Harold Eyster, a junior at Harvard studying Environmental Science and Public Policy. He is already making waves in his campus community, as he’s worked closely with the Harvard Environmental Action Committee and Divest Harvard. He has even co-founded theHarvard College Review of Environment & Society, a brand new journal on Environmental Science. In his spare time Harold enjoys running 50 kilometer ultra-marathons barefoot, which is sounds ridiculously intense, so Harold means business.

Eric Smith, UMass Amherst ’15 | @ericsmith1993
Chair, LGBT Caucus

For our LGBT Caucus, we have Eric Smith as Chair. Eric is currently a senior at UMass Amherst, working towards a dual major in Political Science and Communication for the Honors School, with a Five College Certificate in International Relations. He has worked closely with his local chapter of College Dems, serving as Communications Director for two years before being recently elected to Vice President. His political work is equally as impressive, as he’s worked for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, the UMass Amherst LGBT Resource Center, the Stonewall Center, and the United States Embassy in London to most recently. In his free time Eric enjoys writing and performing slam poetry, which means he will add a impassioned voice to the ongoing LGBT conversation.

Josh Trowbridge, Northeastern University ’15 | @joshuatrow
Vice-Chair, LGBT Caucus

Josh Trowbridge, a student at Northeastern University studying Psychology, will serve as Vice Chair of the LGBT Caucus. At Northeastern, Josh is President of the rockstar LGBTQA Advocacy group NUPride, Chief of Staff of the Student Government Association,  Resident Assistant and Orientation Housing Assistant, and the Freshman Chair of the Northeastern University Hillel among other groups and committees. His work on campus has been loud and proud, and Josh will work to commit that energy into empowering the LGBT Caucus this coming year.  Josh enjoys music and even took part in many music festivals around his home state of Vermont with other members of the concert band, chorus, and jazz band. Josh also enjoys hiking and skiing, and learned the latter in his driveway at age four. Josh’s level of activity both in his community and in general makes me regret that my main activities mostly consist of sleeping and Netflix.

Emma Walters, Mt. Holyoke College ’15 | @emmacesia
Chair, Women’s Caucus

Our Women’s Caucus will be Chaired by none other than Emma Walters, a charismatic and bubbly senior at Mount Holyoke College. Emma is a passionate women’s rights activist, and has no shortage of progressive ideas. She is majoring in Political Science and Spanish, and has already studied abroad in Argentina for 6 months. She is an avid traveller, who enjoys experiencing and getting lost in new cities. That desire to understand and experience a variety of cultures will be a huge asset to the Women’s Caucus, as women’s rights are human rights.


Hadley Chase, Wellesley College ’15
Vice-Chair, Women’s Caucus

The Vice Chair of the Women’s Caucus will be Hadley Chase, a senior at Wellesley College majoring in American Studies with a concentration in American history.  Hadley is at the forefront of women’s issues on her campus, working as President of her local chapter of College Democrats, Vice-President of the Feminists for Reproductive Justice, and Vice-President of the Agora political society. She is passionate about American Politics, and is eager to share that with college students across the commonwealth, meaning that the Women’s Caucus will be a great fit for her.

Thanks for checking out the College Democrats of Massachusetts’ new Caucus Leadership appointees! We look forward to working with them to bring together College Democrats across the Commonwealth. Be sure to follow our Caucus Leaders on twitter for more updates, and our main account at @collegedemsofma.

Shakeir Gregory

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