Black Caucus Chair: Alexis Toliver, Harvard

Alexis A. Toliver is a California native that graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2015 with an M.S in Neuroscience and double minor in music and bioethics. She is currently completing a post baccalaureate fellowship in Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, and a masters in Behavior Analysis at Simmons College. Her pronouns are She/Her/Hers. She is a disabled activist. Outside of the Black Caucus, she is a member of the Black Disability Studies Committee for the National Black Disability Coalition and an ESL tutor for Harvard Bridge. Her work, both in non-profit and in activism, began in Baltimore while fighting against homelessness and police brutality. Her inspiration to speak up for others comes from her Great-Grandmother, who showed her the true strength of a black woman and compelled her to continue the fight for communities in need. She also cites her as the reason she identified as a Democrat since the age of 6. When she spends time with her, they watch the news and have open discussions on current events of the world. In addition to activities in the Black community, Alexis also participates in actions for Palestinian solidarity, Immigrant support/solidarity, LBQTQIA solidarity, and Afro-Latinx solidarity. Her goals for the Black Caucus include holding workshops discussing black mental health and disabilities and hosting a community event, like breakfast, for children in areas like Dorchester and Lynn.

Black Caucus Vice Chair: Morgan Spellman, Williams College

After spending her underclassmen years at Boston University, Morgan enrolled at Williams College this Fall as a Junior transfer, where she is pursuing a B.A. in Political Science. She is interested in all facets of human rights, the political sphere, and the criminal justice system, on both the local and international scales. During her time at Boston University, she was heavily involved with BU College Democrats as their Secretary. She looks forward to continuing her work with CDM as a member of the Black Caucus, and hopes to bring her work to Williams while becoming involved with other campus political organizations, like the Black Student Union and mock trial team. In the future, Morgan hopes to become a Criminal Prosecutor, while also contributing to her community by combining her knowledge of social work and law, as well as her love of children, through legal advocacy for underprivileged youth in low-income neighborhoods in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

Black Caucus Legislative Chair: Fatuma Mohamed, Northeastern

Hometown: Boston, MA Interests: Intersectional Feminism, Economic Development, Social and Political Empowerment of Marginalized Communities, Education Inequality Fun Fact: Fatuma has read Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire at least 5 times in high school. Bio: Fatuma Mohamed is a Kenyan Born Somali. Fatuma is a rising second year international affairs and economics major. Fatuma got her interest in politics and social justice in high school when she worked with a social justice organization, Sub/Urban Justice, working on different campaigns such as minimum wage increase, progressive revenue, school to prison pipeline, and others.


The Black Caucus works to promote political awareness among Black students across the Commonwealth, equipping our members with the tools to affect positive change in their communities and inspire folks to be politically engaged. Additionally, our caucus fosters dialogue among college students, the public, and elected officials on specific issues that affect the Black community.

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CDM Creates Statewide Caucus System & Appoints Leadership

CDM Creates Statewide Caucus System & Appoints Leadership

The College Democrats of Massachusetts has launched it's caucus system, that aims to enable chapters to unite with progressive student organizations on campus. Leaders have be appointed to Black, Enivironmental, LGBT and Women's caucuces. This year, one of the most significant changes made by the College Democrats of America has been the launching of the new Caucus system. At it’s heart, the De ...


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