Election Statement

Election Statement

We want to thank you.

We want to thank each and every single chapter in our federation for all of your hard work throughout this election season. The outcome of the Presidential race was not what we had expected. Many of us still feel shock, grief, and fear for what the future holds. However, our work has not been in vain. In the month leading up to the election, our work was critical in getting Democrats elected here in New Hampshire and in Massachusetts. Clinton won New Hampshire by nearly 1,000 votes, and we helped Maggie Hassan get elected with an even smaller margin of 700 votes. With 7 trips to New Hampshire, 3,000 doors knocked on, and more than 3,000 new registered voters, we came together with the MA Democratic Party and our members of Congress in one of the largest election seasons the College Democrats of Massachusetts has ever seen. It’s important that we celebrate those small victories, and then continue to move forward with a clear vision for our party, and for our chapters.

Despite the results of the Presidential election, our mission has not changed. At the end of the day, we are still fighting to bring people into politics, and, most importantly, into the community. As the College Democrats of Massachusetts, and as one of the most progressive states in the country, we still have some work to do. More so than ever, we must challenge our beliefs. We must make sure that each of us is bringing the best that we can into our communities, and that we are collectively fighting to create a more just, and more equitable, system for everyone.

As we come to terms with our loss, we must continue re-imagining what the party will look like moving forward, reflect on who we are as Democrats, and determine what is missing from our party. To ensure that we are doing all we can to stand in solidarity with those who need us most during a Trump presidency, we need to bring our minds together and create a strong plan for action and advocacy. In the next 5 months we promise to:

  • Re-energize and reinvigorate what we stand for, focusing on an anti-racist ideology, and bringing in diverse voices, including the rural working class and people of color, to the conversation on what the millennial wing of our party is going to look like.
  • Hold current Democratic and Republican politicians accountable in denouncing Trump’s xenophobic, sexist and bigoted policies and rhetoric.
  • Engage in constant communication with our governor, mayors, and state legislators to ensure they know what we stand for as a the youth wing of the party.
    • Understand, and increase understanding, that escalation and protest is now more important than ever, especially for Democratic legislators that are not standing up for those values our party claims to prioritize.
    • Build a large coalition of community partners that are willing to engage in peaceful demonstrations that will spread our message across the state.
  • Commit to holding robust, local, legislative initiatives in collaboration with community groups which operate with focuses on income inequality and antiracism.
    • Ensure that local legislators are listening to the issues that millennials are organizing around.

We affirm our commitment to allow everybody’s voices into the process. And today like every day before it, we will continue to fight for what we believe in and for the future of our country. We continue to believe that the more people who are engaged at the community level, the stronger our democracy is. We encourage our members to not only be engaged in electoral politics but to be passionate about creating community and standing in solidarity with all those who need us more than ever to be good allies.The fight still continues and we must continue that fight, together.

We hope that you will join us in this fight.


The College Democrats of Massachusetts | Executive Board


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