Executive Board

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President: Santiago Nariño, Northeastern ’16

Santiago Nariño is from Bogota, Colombia, and his favorite Democrat is Elizabeth Warren. His interests include photography, film, music, and traveling. Santiago is a descendant of Antonio Nariño, the Colombian revolutionary. Santiago is a fifth year International Affairs and Economics student at Northeastern University. Santiago's interest in politics comes from his experience in community and grass root activism. During his last five years at Northeastern, he has been involved in leading CDM with legislative and community initiatives bringing forth the voices of Student Immigrant Movement, MIRA and other Latinx organizations in the Boston Area. His interest in Latinx politics started from a very early age, where he began to understand the immense diversity within the Latinx community. His involvement as President of the Latin America Student Organization during his sophomore year at Northeastern allowed him to develop a strong interest in community outreach and leadership training within the Latinx community. After spending 9 months in Brazil, he cam back and began in CDM as Latinx Caucus where he started the first social enterprise of its kind, called Latinx Action Group. With the Latinx Action Group, they have been able to grow his team of activists from just himself to a team of 5 motivated Latinxs that are dedicated to building bridges of knowledge for college Latinxs through voting registration, workshops and community engagement. Through his last year he was able to build a coalition of 175 students of color around the Boston area in 5 different colleges to the 13 workshops and 3 voting registration drives that were held by the Latinx Action Group. As President of CDM, he hopes to move forward with these three aims: 1) Engaging those who are often left out of the political process through culturally sensitive ways that allow us to create excitement about the political process. 2) Challenging every member of CDM by making an effort to understand diverse perspectives and critique our notions of what it means to be a Democrat. 3) Organizing a stable system of community and communication between the executive board team, the caucuses and the chapters in order to create a coalition-based model of activism.

Finance Director: Patrick Coyne, Boston College ’18

Patrick Coyne is a native of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, where his love for politics began. His favorite Democrat is John F. Kennedy. Patrick's interests include ice hockey, water skiing, golf, and House of Cards. Patrick is left handed in everything except writing and throwing. He is currently a sophomore at Boston College, where he is double majoring in Political Science and Communication. Patrick has participated in many Democratic events, from the Democratic National Convention in 2008, to campaigns like those of Martha Coakley, Terry McAuliffe, and Barack Obama. Patrick’s parents, who are heavily involved in politics, shaped him into the progressive and determined man that he is today. Patrick has previously interned for the Community Engagement Department of the Democratic National Committee, where he arranged the annual College Democrats of America National Convention.

Communications Director: Emily Stetson, UMass Amherst ’17

Emily Stetson is a Senior of Political Science and Master's of Public Policy Candidate at UMass Amherst. Her political experience has included working as a grassroots intern for MASSPIRG, as the College Organizer for Solomon Goldstein-Rose's campaign for State Representative of the 3rd Hampshire District, and a current Capitol Hill Internship. At UMass, Emily is a member of the Political Science Honor Society Pi Sigma Alpha, a Research Assistant in the field of Computational Social Sciences, and is a fellow of the UMass Women into Leadership program. In her spare time, she can be found playing the mellophone in the UMass Marching Band, or sharing pictures of her two cats, Merry and Pippin.

Events Director: Matt Sanborn, Boston College ’16

Matt Sanborn is from Laconia, New Hampshire, and his favorite Democrat is Bill Clinton. His interests include the outdoors, hiking, motorcycle riding, scuba-diving, keeping up with the news, and reading political autobiographies. Matt is also a certified ice diver. Matt comes from the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire where he has lived for the past 21 years. When he's not working toward hiking all 48 of New Hampshire's 4,000 footers, Matt can be found working toward electing progressive candidates for both local and national offices. He’s humbled to say he worked on President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign as an intern and Neighborhood Team Leader. This wonderful experience presented him many unforgettable encounters with Caroline Kennedy, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Vice President Biden, Michelle Obama, and even the President himself! Following the campaign's success, Matt headed to Washington D.C. to intern for his state’s first elected female senator, Jeanne Shaheen; during this time, the nation was deeply focused on a renewed debate for gun control! At the conclusion of this internship, just two weeks later, he found himself working on another campaign. This time, he took on a much larger role and directed then-Congressman Ed Markey’s Get Out the Vote operation in Brockton, MA during the special election. Outside of the political world, Matt enjoys traveling abroad. So far, he has been to Japan, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. It probably comes as no surprise to learn that Matt is pursuing a degree in International Studies with minors in Economics and Arabic Studies at Boston College. He hopes this will land him a job in the State Department someday!

Membership Director: Emily Moss, Wellesley ’19

Emily Moss is an intended Economics and Political Science major at Wellesley College. Emily grew up in Bedford, MA where she first found her passion for the power of local government during an internship with the town’s Economic Development Office. Since then, Emily has honed her interests in municipal governance and urban policy through academic research as well as internships with Boston City Council President Michelle Wu and the Boston Municipal Research Bureau. Emily has also been active in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential race. As Co-President of Wellesley Students for Hillary, she loves working to engage more of her peers with the campaign process. When she’s not nerding out over cities or politics, you can find Emily enjoying the arts or shamelessly fueling her coffee addiction.

Political Director: Henoss Taddesse, Northeastern University ’19

Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Political Science Major. Desire to fight for a collective growth for all people. Believes that all people can succeed if given the opportunity to. Love for politics stemmed from desire to enact change for marginalized communities. Major objective is to get as many people aware and involved within the political process as possible. People want to be involved, they just don't know how.

Chief of Staff: Katie Langford, Northeastern ’16

Katie Langford was born and raised in Portland, Maine, where she earned an A.A. in Political Science at Southern Maine Community College before transferring to Northeastern University. She recently graduated from NEU with a B.A. in Spanish and International Affairs with a minor in Political Science. Katie studied abroad in the Dominican Republic for a semester, where she developed a strong passion for human rights through learning about the country's former dictator, Rafael Trujillo, and the political activists who overthrew his regime. Katie joined CDM in August 2015 as the Membership/External Communications Director for the Latinx Caucus. She is now the Chief of Staff for CDM and the Assistant Director of the Latinx Action Group, a subgroup of the Latinx Caucus that works to build bridges of knowledge for Latinx and college students of color by encouraging them to get involved in social, political, and civic activism. Katie enjoys reading, traveling, dancing, learning about cultures first-hand, and being outside as much as possible during New England's short summer months. Katie wishes to pursue a career in the human rights advocacy field focusing on Latin America if possible, so let her know if you come across any opportunities!


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