Letter from the President

Bienvenidos / Welcome,

Thank you for taking the time to check out the website of the College Democrats of Massachusetts!  As the official youth outreach wing of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, we’re proud to be a committed group of young individuals that are dedicated to address issues at a community level with an equity and social justice mindset. With almost 20 chapters, from Williamstown to Easton, we hope that you join us, as we create a community that is united and determined to be more inclusive and ready to elect democrats at all levels of government!

CDM has set the example for civic engagement and issue-based advocacy.  In order to prepare for the crucial upcoming elections, we will organize thousands around the state to support local candidates and ensure that a Democrat is elected in New Hampshire and in the White House!

Last year the success of our caucuses proved to be a turning point in CDM. We are no longer reaching out to just college democrat chapters, but to issue-based advocates as well to build the strongest coalition we can be!  Throughout this year, we will continue to build off the coalition that the Black and Latinx caucuses have been building to make sure all of our voices are heard in the process.  With a new year ahead, we understand that it is crucial to elect democrats at all levels of government, but we must understand that everyone is able to connect to the government in different ways. In order to grow the Democratic party, we must build spaces where we can all grow together.

The College Democrats of Massachusetts is here to create a familia, a community of college students across the state, to establish lifelong bonds and, most importantly, to make a difference together.

New ideas, leaders and advocates are always welcome. We hope you join us in this fight against Trump as we move ahead and become an inclusive organization that allows for diverse voices to be heard!

Con Mucho Cariño,

Santiago Nariño

President, College Democrats of MassachusettsSanti


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