Letter from the President


Thank you for taking the time to visit the College Democrats of Massachusetts, the official youth outreach arm of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, and state federation of the College Democrats of America. With 25 chapters across the state and growing, I am confident that MA students have the will and capacity to lead in our state, and I hope you will join us in fighting for progressive legislation and electing Democrats up and down the ballot.

Last year’s presidential election dealt heavy blows to Democrats of all backgrounds, and the future of our state and our nation is in jeopardy. This makes the work we do, both as Democrats and young people, more important than ever. The common mantra is that we are the future of our nation, but I firmly believe that our action cannot wait. Our generation is currently the largest living generation, and is soon-to-be the largest voting block in our country. As such, youth involvement will be integral as we approach the 2018 midterm elections, and in securing a positive, more inclusive future for our peers.

As we move forward, the College Democrats are focused on rebuilding trust in our party through strengthening our presence in our communities, engaging in issue-based advocacy through our caucus system, and actively working toward more inclusive practices and engagement. We also look forward to building upon our own communities by inviting new people and making space for diverse spaces at the table.

Together, we can make a difference. But we can’t do it without you.


Democratically Yours,


Emily Stetson

President, College Democrats of Massachusetts


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