LGBTQ+ Caucus Chair: Connor Kratz, Boston College

"Hello everyone, I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota, (Pronouns: He, Him, His) and I currently study Political Science and Sociology at Boston College. I plan to attend law school after undergrad, and then become involved in public policy and government administration. Aside from my involvement in the LGBT caucus in CDM, I have interned at the Boston office of US Senator Elizabeth Warren, I currently serve as a class representative in the Undergraduate Government of Boston College, and I'm a proud member of the Students for Sexual Health. I became involved in the LGBT caucus to organize members of all identities in the community and strive for greater LGBT equality in the Commonwealth. My goal for the caucus is to collaborate with LGBT groups across the state to plan solidarity events, register voters, and foster dialogue about issues and initiatives within the community, in addition to ensuring our next president is NOT Donald Trump!"

LGBTQ+ Caucus Vice Chair: Christopher Lukasik, UMass Amherst

Christopher Lukasik is a life-long resident of Western Massachusetts, growing up in South Hadley and going to college and graduate school at UMass Amherst (UMass and South Hadley High School are on the same road). His favorite democrat is Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and tries to learn something new about her everyday. He is a first year graduate student at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst pursuing a Master of Public Health and a Master of Public Policy & Administration. Christopher holds a BA in Legal Studies and a BS in Public Health Sciences. Throughout undergrad, Christopher played the Trombone, Euphonium, and Clarinet in the Marching and Concert Band. His research interests surround Health Policy: healthcare access for queer people, HIV policy, violence prevention and intervention, among others. Christopher hopes to normalize queer health in medical education to reduce the amount of people feeling the need to fight for accurate care in a doctor's office. Like Leslie Knope wrote that she wanted to be Governor of Indiana in her dream journal, Christopher wrote that he wants to be Secretary of Health and Human Services in his dream journal. Christopher loves traveling and is making it his goal to go somewhere outside of Massachusetts at least once every month during 2016. His favorite color is green and his favorite show is Scandal.


The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Caucus engages LGBT students in the Democratic Party, fighting to expand the rights of the LGBT community beyond same-sex marriage in the Commonwealth. This caucus also fosters dialogue among college students, the public, and elected officials on specific issues that affect the LGBT community.

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CDM Creates Statewide Caucus System & Appoints Leadership

CDM Creates Statewide Caucus System & Appoints Leadership

The College Democrats of Massachusetts has launched it's caucus system, that aims to enable chapters to unite with progressive student organizations on campus. Leaders have be appointed to Black, Enivironmental, LGBT and Women's caucuces. This year, one of the most significant changes made by the College Democrats of America has been the launching of the new Caucus system. At it’s heart, the De ...


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