Question 3 Endorsement

Question 3 Endorsement


The College Democrats of Massachusetts is emphatically endorsing Yes on ballot question number 3 in support of minimum size requirements for farm animals. We believe in the humane treatment of animals and believe strongly in the prohibition of sale of animals that are kept in spaces that prevent the animal from lying down, standing up, extending limbs or turning around.
The College Democrats of Massachusetts recognizes the possible increased burden on farmers of the possible regulation as well as the possible increase in cost of certain produce that will affect lower income families, but we feel strongly that humanity and decency are imperative.
We are not advocating for the increased burden on families or farmers, rather we are advocating for the humane treatment of life. For that reason, we advocate a YES vote on Question 3.

Emily Stetson


  1. John Bruscato
    October 16, 2016 at 14:51

    “We are not advocating for the increased burden on families or farmers, rather we are advocating for the humane treatment of life.” Actually, you’re asking for both.

    I’m in favor of the proposal, it should have been mandated a long time ago, but I’m not in favor of the burden placed on the farms, particularly smaller ones. They will have to reduce their inventory, which means reduced production and sales, forcing them to either raise prices, making them non-competitive with the larger farms, or to close down.

    For my approval, there should be a grandfathering clause that would allow violations against existing farms, but any additions or modifications beyond minor maintenance would have to comply; otherwise, the state should assist them in some way, either through grants or tax relief, to help them make the necessary accommodations.

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